I’m especially drawn to areas that relate to my experiences growing up as a Chicano in the suburbs of Chicago. This ranges from finding an identity that translates into two different cultures, to themes of family and belonging to something larger than oneself.

I began working in non-fiction during my undergraduate studies at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. My thesis film, Shabuya: A Freedom Ride Film, screened at the Chicago Latino Film Festival in 2005. Changing Worlds also awarded me the Immigrant and Refugee Achievement Award for The Arts in the same year.

I found a second home at The Michael Rabiger Center for Documentary Film during my MFA studies at Columbia College Chicago. My short documentaries, Bisnieta and Glassmaker, each received awards and screened at a variety of film festivals. My thesis film, Familia Bom Brill, uses my courtship to Diana Gabriel as a backdrop for larger issues of rejection, separation and the importance of family.

My wife and I recently founded TheCGProject.com, a creative platform for artists and audiences with a shared vision of increasing the appreciation and accessibility of Art in our culture. We are carving out a niche between contemporary art and documentary with an emphasis on community and social consciousness. In our second year, we’re launching The Cinematic Garden, our contribution to the wealth of online knowledge about growing your own food.


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