Bisnieta (2008)

Heather Kozlowski is a 3rd-generation Mexican-American who grew up in the suburbs and knows little about Latino culture and traditions. Her great-grandmother stresses the importance of her passage into adulthood since she couldn’t have a quinceañera herself. Joy, pride and tension arise as a result of conflict caused by assimilation and inter-generations.

The first place winner of the 2009/2010 Columbia College Chicago Latino Student Film Festival is Mario Contreras, director of the 9-minute short Bisnieta. The story depicts several generations of a Latino family celebrating a quinceañera.

Available on DVD!
Two Docs: Bisnieta & Glassmaker

Past Screenings

People Made Visible’s 200th Anniversary of Mexico’s Independence
West Chicago City Museum

Reality Bytes Independent Student Film Festival
Northern Illinois University Campus – Jack Arends Auditorium

South Loop Film Festival
ShowPlace ICON Theatre

Chicago Latino Film Festival
Instituto Cervantes

2009 Columbia Showcase
Chicago Filmmakers



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