Shabuya (2005)

Shabuya is the story of a bus full of students, workers and activists as they raised awareness for a new immigrant rights movement in the United States. They traveled throughout Illinois listening to the concerns immigrants, confronting the indifference of their public officials and bearing witness to the detention of undocumented immigrants before taking their fight to Washington D.C. At the nation’s capitol, they merged their voices with tens of thousands from across the country and the world to spark a new civil rights movement through The Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride of 2003.

The 36-minute film was an official selection of the Chicago Latino Film Festival and a Finalist for the International Student Documentary Competition. It’s screened for Hispanic Heritage Month at Southern Illinois University as well as W.R. Harper College and a DVD copy was presented to Senator Richard Durbin at Benito Jaurez High School to thank him for his leadership in sponsoring The DREAM Act.

Available on DVD

Shabuya: A Freedom Ride Film


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